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Question Mark TransQ: How do you send my order?

A: All my orders are sent via Royal Mail second class recorded delivery. For more information on delivery and postage information click here.

Q: What are the doors made from?

A: Well they are made from various types of clays and whatever embellishments I can make or find that a door tells me it needs

Q: Can they go outside?

Well I don’t recommend that they do go outside if you want to keep them pristine as due to the nature of the materials the colours will fade and doors may buckle outside. They can be protected with a coat of varnish but personally I don’t like them to be shiny so hence I do not varnish them and recommend them as internal doors. Saying that I have had a couple of my own doors outside in the garden for a number of years and they have faded and buckled but they now have the weathered look and blend in more with the surroundings. It’s all down to personal choice really!