FS1045 – Easter Bunny themed Fairy Door

All doors will vary a little in size but standard doors are approximately 4 inches high and 3 inches wide. Miniature doors are approx.  1.5 -2 inches wide and 2 - 3 inches high

Each one is beautifully packaged with the little instructions on the header.

Please note if Pixie Dust / Fairy Dust is attached to the door it is sealed and is just for ornamental purpose.

Easter Eggs in basket may vary in design / colour but are all fixed in the basket

Place them against the stairs, skirting, windowsill or anywhere in your house, and the ‘little people’ will soon a come visiting, and who knows may even stop a while!


Fairy Doors are for Ornamental Use only – They are NOT toys

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Price: £15.00

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